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When it is time to get a haircut, you need to be sure that you go to the very best salon. Great Clips is the choice you will not regret. In North America, Great Clips has over 4,000 salons and employs more than 40,000 stylists. Here is one place where all your hair needs will be at home.

Brief History of Great Clips

A walking distance from the gates the University of Minnesota, the first Great Clips saloon opened its doors. That is back in 1982. Within a year, the venture became a franchise and opened another joint in Brooklyn Center. In quick succession, the franchise opened up 151 branches in the US by 1988. Come 2011; Great Clips had 3,100 franchises both in the US and Canada. It was a huge step, and the brand was becoming a dominating force in North America. On the financial front, 2010 witnessed $846 sales. The franchise was unstoppable and has lived up to that in the modern days.

No appointments

Different from other salons, there is no making appointment with Great Clips. You just walk in and get the service you need. Any time of the day you can come in, and the friendly staff will serve you to your expectations. You will walk out with a smile of satisfaction on your lips.  For the lots who are busy and have much work to do during the day, there is convenience with Great Clips. Any time is time for a haircut. They are open throughout the week and late into the evenings. Weekends are also hair care time further ensuring you will never look shabby just because you did not find time within the week.  Interestingly, Great Clips has been keeping pace with new technology. They were the first to adopt a check-in app for a salon. With a click of a button and your name, you can easily reserve your convenient time for your haircut or care.

The doors are open for all and sundry

Great Clips is the place for everyone who needs to take care of their hair. Men have a place here. You will get the latest haircuts. Women are also a target of the business. Finally, kids will also get a chance for the coolest hairstyles. It is a one-stop shop for haircuts and cares for everyone in the family.

The great stylists

To keep up with customer demands for quality, the franchise seeks the services of the most qualified stylists. That is not all. The stylists are continually going through training to keep their skills abreast the changing customer preferences.

Great Clips Prices

The prices here will blow your mind. With the promise of quality services, a range of products, and convenience; you will still get pocket-friendly rates. Kids can get cuts for as low $10 while adults have something for $12. Whatever you want for your budget is there. It is not only affordability that keeps the business on the lips of everyone. Great Clips also offer voluntary services to the local communities.

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