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JCPenny Salon: The Home of Beauty

If the name JCPenny Salon is strange to you, then you are yet to experience the best salon services. With a heavy presence in the USA, this chain of salons currently has not less than 900 operational salons. Under its service are 18,000 stylists waiting to give you a world-class beauty service. Look for one of their salon near your town, and you will live to tell the story.

Simple booking and buying process

You can now book a session from the comfort of your couch. JCPenny has added an online version to its website and a mobile app to access their extensive services and products. These additions allow customers to pick salon locations near them, sample products and interact with stylists before meeting them in person. With a simple click on your phone, you can now order any product to be delivered to your doorstep. You can as well, choose to pick it up from a local salon on the same day. This is sheer convenience, and lots of customers love this.

JCPenny Salon Prices

In comparison to other salons, JCPenny Salon prices are on the high end. Simple adult cuts start at $18. However, the high pricing is not merely for the sake of it. You are getting the value of your money back.  To justify their relatively high prices, the chain of salons offers top quality styles and hair finishes. Their haircuts and styles are the latest in the market. You can quickly distinguish their work from the rest of other salons thanks to their unique styles and finishing. Their range of services is also incredible as you will get everything you need about your hair and beauty in the same room. Moreover, you also get your nails done in the same salon. Such is a convenience for many people who do not have the time to get their hair and nails done at different times.


Top Talent Stylists

It is no secret that JCPenny has some of the top brains in the fashion and beauty niche. Their stylists are handpicked and trained to the highest standards. That is not all. There is a competitive compensation program to ensure that the best experts are rewarded for their efforts. Wherever JCPenny has a salon, expect to find the best experts. You are simply getting the value of your dimes for both the products and services. Moreover, the stylists are allowed to pick their working hours as well as pricing rates. With such a flexible working environment, you should expect to get nothing but the best services.

Beauty and Fashion under one Roof

JCPenny has created a path for itself to greater heights through a partnership with Sephora. Under the same roof, you are now getting salon, fashion and beauty served at once. The chain of salons is now stocking top quality branded products to cater to all customer tastes and preferences. On top of the expertise on hairstyling, you are also getting top of the range products without any hassle. You are now able to get accessories, everyday fashion apparels, and footwear on The shopping experience is outstanding, and you are getting more than the value of your every penny.

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