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Regis Salon

Regis Salon is the ultimate hair salon offering top-class services to men and women. They are basically hair-cuts and color. The design will vary according to your taste. You can catch up with the latest hairstyles as you desire.

Regis Salon offers exemplary services to all people regardless of their profession. The prices are affordable for clients. Generally, they are on average costs. This entirely depends on the services that you require.

Before any service is offered, you can get an expert opinion. This will be suitable for your shape and hair type. You will also get free advice on how to maintain the amazing hair. You can have a look at Regis Salon prices and the service it suits.

The normal hair-cuts will cost you a total of $28 or more. If you need some shampoo and blow dry on your hair then the price is raised.

All-over color

You can choose the permanent color of your preference. It will either cover the grey hair or lighten your natural hair. Before the coloring is done, the salon experts take time to know and test your hair.

Alternatively, you can do the demi color. It will restore color to your faded hair to get the ideal look. The semi-color is great for making your hair look bright. It also conceals grey hair.


They will give a new look to your hair. It will also add some volume on to them. The mini type is amazing for eye-catching hair. It gives a light touch. The partial highlight is meant to turn heads around. The full highlight gives a unique look.

Trendy Color Techniques

These are the latest hair designs. They give you an optimal experience with a beautiful look. The result is actually incredible.

The first design is balayage which depends on the color of your hair. It is painted to make an awesome look. The price is also cost-effective.

The second one is ombre or sombre. The roots will be made darker while the ends are light.

The third technique is known as intense or fashion color. It’s meant to accentuate beauty with the rose gold color. Grey/silver tone is the fourth design. It reveals attractive colors that are lavender, silver or grey.

Specialty Services

This is made for distinct reasons. If you require your hair to be styled formally for an occasion, the cost is from $55. Blowouts have their prices starting from $100. In addition to that, perms will cost you only $65.

Another excellent service is the treatment through deep conditioning. This will make your hair strong and nourished. You are also entitled to a head massage that will calm you.

Men’s services

They include the ordinary haircut at $28 and more. When the hair is washed and blown the bill comes to $30. Waxing starts from $15 which involves shaping your eyebrows and removing facial hair.

Working Hours

Regis Salon opens from Monday to Sunday. Normally the opening hours are from 10.00 am to 9 pm. On Sundays, they open from 11.00 am to 7 pm. During the holidays the salon remains closed. Walk-ins are accepted at any time. You can also schedule an appointment.

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