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Supercuts is one of the most popular hair salon chains in the US. With over 2,600 locations spread across the country, it is also one of the largest salon franchises in the country. It was started as a small business in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1975 and was later sold to the giant salon company Regis in 1996. Today, it boasts a vibrant, ever-growing number of clients thanks to its fair prices and superior quality services. Here is all you need to know about the salon:

About Supercuts

Supercuts caters to the needs of a wide demographic, as can be seen from its locations all around the country. They offer great women’s, men’s and kid’s hair care services. Their locations in malls make them a lot more accessible to clients. They also cater to seniors at a discounted price, which only serves to endear them to their clients. Anyone in need of a great hair cut with minimal fuss and at a fair price will certainly get their needs met at any Supercuts salon.

Supercuts Prices

On the whole, Supercuts prices are fair- not too high and not questionably low. An ordinary haircut will cost about $16, although prices vary according to location. For kids, an average haircut goes for about $13. Seniors get their hair done at a discounted price of $12. They also offer high- end services that are a tad more expensive, such as highlighting and dyeing your hair. This package known as the Supercolor is, however, worth every single coin you spend on it.

Supercuts Services

Supercuts offers a wide range of services ranging from haircuts to tea tree scalp massages to dying to braid to even beard trimming. If you need eyebrow, chin or lip waxing, rest assured you will get the very best of the service. They also offer top-notch hair dying services that can transform your looks tremendously. Other than hair care services, they also sell superior- quality hair care products that you can rely on.

Supercuts Stylists

Supercuts stylists are professionals in every sense of the word; the hiring process is thorough and they undergo rigorous training before they can attend to clients. It, therefore, comes as no surprised to learn that they are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all matters to do with haircuts and coloring.

If you need it, they will give you advice on which styles and colors best flatter your face and skin tone, and you will certainly appreciate their insight. If on the other hand, you need a specific, custom hairstyle, they will certainly deliver. They are pros at recreating magazine hairstyles and the results are more than satisfactory. What’s better, they treat clients with the utmost respect and your experience at the salon will be pleasant.

Ease of Checking In

Supercuts require no reservations. You can simply walk in and you will be promptly attended to. It is easy to locate any of their numerous salons using their salon locator or browsing on their website. They are open from 10 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 6 PM on weekends. They are also open on most public holidays although the times may vary. They are however closed on Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving.


If you need a great haircut, Supercuts is certainly the place to go. From fair prices to professional staff to quality products and ease of access, the salon chain checks all the right boxes. Also, their Hot Towel Refresher will leave you feeling fresh and ready to tackle your day. Nothing spells great better than this.

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