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As opposed to its name, VIP Nail Salon, anyone can walk through their door and be served. What it means is that you get VIP services in any of their salons. Moreover, VIP Nail Salons are open doors for everyone. They take care of beauty needs for kids, male and female.

While their operations vary from one salon to the other, the chain tries to remain as uniform as possible. Their branding, range of services, how they treat customers, prices, and everything else try as much as possible to stick to the same standards and script of doing things.

VIP Nail Salon Prices

First of all, VIP Nail Salons are all over the US. They are almost in every neighborhood. You would expect to find a variance in VIP Nail Salon Prices, but that is not the case. Their prices tend to be uniform to the delight of many customers. Even much better is the fact that you can find a local VIP Nail Salon charging way lower than other branches.

At the heart of their operation, the salon chain emphasizes affordable services. They use a very competitive pricing system that keeps customers flocking to their shops. It is through such a strategy that the salons have spread to every corner of the USA and keep growing to date. Probably, you already one in your neighborhood and you are taking advantage of their great nail and waxing service at very affordable rates.

Customer Service

Salon is in the service industry, and it matters how one treats customers. On that note, VIP Nail Salon is on record for being very welcoming to customers. They give prompt services to customers and make them keep coming for more. It is a winning formula that keeps opening gates for them as more customers seek services from the chain.

Notably, this kind of customer service would not be possible if it is not for the seasoned and customer-friendly stylists. Picked from the best, the stylists do a great job to meet customers’ satisfaction. Their dedication is to serve all customers and fully meet everyone’s preferences. Therefore, it is not hard to figure out what keep VIP Nail Salons are a household name in all neighborhoods they open shops.

Range of services

The VIP Nail salons have a specialization in nail services. This is their mainstay niche, and they do it to their best. They do everything and anything about nails. Whether it is polish, gel, pedicure or manicure; they have it all for everyone. There is a package for kids, for the ladies, and men as well. Besides, they also have a specialty in waxing. Similarly, it also cuts across all genders and ages.

Operation hours

Typically, VIP nail salons open for long during weekdays. Weekend working hours tend to be shorter but still convenient for those who are busy during the week. They are open every day of the week running from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday. Saturdays they open at 9 am and close shop at 6 pm. On Sundays, it is from 10 am to 4:30 pm.

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