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LEE Nails salon and organic spa may be a nationwide unisex nails salon and spa today but it has a very humble background. It was founded about twenty years ago and its growth since then has been phenomenal. LEE Nails salon prices, high-quality products and a hospitable team of experts are some of the factors that have fueled this growth.

Beauty products offered at LEE Nails salon

The beauty world is full of scams and LEE Nails salon is keen to offer you high-quality products that meet your expectations. Perhaps we can explain what the beauty market defines as a safe product at this point. In most cases, beauty products are tested on animals to confirm that they are safe for human use. This does not happen at LEE Nails salon. Its handmade beauty products have been tried and tested on human beings and confirmed to be harmless to the human skin and nails. Therefore, its list of organic lotions, nail polish and creams are very effective in protecting your skin and keeping your nails at their best all the time.

Artificial and natural nail services

If you have a fetish for artificial nails, LEE Nails salon is the place to be. Its expansive list of artificial nail types and designs is sure to satisfy your desires. Fullset acrylic, fill pink, fullset gel, fullset glitters nail and sculpture nails are some of the most common artificial nails that are offered here. Nail removal, repair, and trimming services are also offered at prices that do not break the wallet. There is also shellac, classic, candle spa, and paraffin manicure services, not to forget deluxe aroma spa and hot stone spa pedicure services. The list is long.

Body waxing services

The provision of waxing services is one of the things that make LEE Nails salon different from most other nail salons. Waxing services for virtually every part of the body are offered including the face, arms, underarms, and legs. Regular bikini and Brazilian bikini waxing services are also offered at affordable prices. It is worth noting that these services are offered by seasoned stylists who have several years of experience under their belts. They are hired based on a competitive formula that ensures that only the best candidates are assimilated into the system.

LEE Nails salon prices

LEE Nails salon may not be the cheapest salon in your area and rightly so. As noted above, its beauty products are natural and safe. Additionally, the quality of nail and waxing services offered here is impeccable. Therefore, its premium prices match its premium products and services.

Hours of operation

Though each of the franchised salons has its own opening and closing hours, you can always walk in any of the LEE Nails salons and get your nails done. Most of the salons are open every day between 10.00am and 9.00pm except on Sunday when they are open between 11.00am and 6.00pm. You don’t have to book an appointment in advance, though it is always advisable to do so.

Overall verdict

In summary, LEE Nails salon is your salon of choice if expertise, safety, and comfort define what you look for in a salon. Its emphasis on the health and safety of its clients deserves plaudits. It also endeavors to make this world a better place to live in by offering eco-friendly beauty products. LEE Nails salon prices are a bit higher than most nail salons to reflect the high quality of products and services offered.

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