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Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

For anyone looking for the perfect beauty salon for kids, Sharkey’s is one of the best places to visit. At Sharkey’s, a haircut is more than just a service; it’s an experience. Every aspect of the adventure is tailored to make sure that kids have fun and enjoy themselves while waiting for a haircut. Even during the process, the salon has amenities that enhance a customer’s experience, making Sharkey’s a favorite for people with kids. Parents can have their hair done alongside their children, which is very convenient for busy parents.


The service at Sharkey’s stands out because they strive to make it smooth from the moment a person books an appointment, to when they leave the hair salon. First, the establishment has a website where parents can search for a Sharkey’s salon nearby. After that, they also use the same website to book appointments. The times available depend on how busy the staff is, but they are all indicated, and parents can then choose what works best for them. Finally, everyone who works at Sharkey’s is very warm and friendly. This immediately sets the customers at ease and can go a long way in calming kids down and getting them to sit through the entire haircut without much of a fuss.

Services offered at Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

Sharkey Edge-Up$15
Sharkey Girl$22
Glamour Package$27
New Bangs$10.00
Bang Trim$10.00
Shampoo and Comb-OutStarts at $15
Shampoo and Blow-DryStarts at $20
HighlightsStarts at $75
Hot ToolStarts at $12
Sharkey Girl Bonus
Glitter and Glitz Makeup$12
Baby’s First Haircut$27
Special Services
Glamour Girl Spa Day$45
Glitter and Glitz Makeup$12
Mini-Mani /Mini-Pedi Combo$15
Ear Piercing$45
French BraidingPrice varies
Moms And Dads
Mom’s Cut$35
Dad’s Cut$22

Beautiful ambiance

The beauty salons are designed with comfort and entertainment for kids in mind. They have comfortable seats to lay back on when one is waiting for their turn. The salons also have separate parlors for specialized services. An example is the glamour parlor that is used when customers need glamour looks that include special hair styling and make-up. There is also a section for manicures and pedicures, as well as spa services and facials. The decor is designed to keep kids captivated and entertained.

Kids’ games and activities

While they are waiting, kids can play on the toys, which often include fire trucks, race cars, and others. While getting their haircut, they can play Xbox and PS4 on screens installed next to every sitting area. Not only does it keep them entertained, it also distracts them long enough for the hairdresser to get the entire cut done well. For those that prefer watching television, each Sharkey’s salon has Netflix for child-friendly content and their favorite cartoons. The salons also have sweets and lollipops plus special vouchers to reward the children after they get their hair done.

Hair packages

As a bare minimum, all haircuts at Sharkey’s come with a thorough wash, and blow dry. For boys, the haircuts are made even more interesting by including tattoos with the cuts. A basic haircut for boys would include complimentary shampoo, a complementary style, plus a trim around the neck and ears. Any long hair will also be trimmed to size at this point. For girls, a similar package would contain a simple haircut and complimentary styling. Customers can also get their bangs trimmed or get new ones.

Another package for girls is a girl spa day where they get a mini facial, a mini pedi, mini mani, plus mini make-up. The ultimate package at Sharkey’s is a party package that is perfect for birthday girls. The package comes with 12 passes, exclusive use 2-hour use of the glamour room, plus snacks and drinks for all guests during their stay. Overall, all these packages make Sharkey’s a great beauty salon for kids.

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