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Who said beauty services should leave your pocket empty? Not when you know of Happy Nail Salon. Calling Southern California home, the once small nail salon has now grown into a chain of business and dominates the niche within the area.

Today, there are more than fifty salons under the name of Happy Nail Salon & Spa in the expansive southern California region. They are not just nail salons; there is more than you will ever need to take care of your beauty.

Most importantly, the chain of salons has a dedication to provide quality services in upscale neighborhoods at very affordable rates.

The range of Services

Male, female, kids, adults, old and young; these salons are open doors to everyone. It is thanks to their range of services that they can cater to such a broad demographic. On top of their services are nail work. There are all types of pedicure and manicure for everyone. There is a package for kids, others for men in sports, and women with a different beauty and fashion preferences.   Hair removal is also another service you should expect to get.

They mainly focus on two methods of hair removal: threading and waxing. Depending on what you want, you can pay as low as $8 and as much as $65. It is your choice and budget. Lastly, they also have a specialty in skin care. Whether it is acne or any other kind of skin break out, you will get the best care in the hands of experts. Their main areas of skin care are the back and face.

Happy Nail Salon Prices

From the very beginning, Happy Nail Salon is defined by quality services at very competitive prices. There are services for as low as $5.

Adults will also get equally cheap services. You can tell from their price list that this is a place not driven by making unimaginable profits but serving you to your satisfaction.

Open hours

Good news is that you do not necessarily need an appointment to come for a nail, skin or hair service. You can walk in any time they are open and be served. For your heads up, the salons are open every day of the week. From Monday to Saturday, doors are open as from 9 am and close at 7 pm. Sundays they open at 10 am and close at 6 pm. Even for someone on a tight schedule, you can squeeze in some time to go for a manicure or whatever fits your needs.

Customer Service and Reviews

If there is one thing that Happy Nail salons are known for, it is quick services. Customers will never wait. You walk in and get what you want in record time. From the time you make entry to the moment you leave, there is a feeling of warmth, and you would want to keep coming here for more.

Similarly, the stylists are world-class. On top of being quick to serve, they also understand the art of beauty. Walking to any of their salons, you will get a few stops on the way about where your hair or nails were done. With all that prompt and quality services, the prices are very affordable.

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