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LA nails

LA nails has a long history of excellence to become one of the top salon brands in the USA. It all started in LA and gradually spread to the great federation from one state to the other. Before venturing outside LA, the salon opened up seven local spots. It was quickly followed up by three more locations in Dallas. This opened up a floodgate of other locations in New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Colorado. The expansion story is still on reaching to more customers all over the US.

LA Stylists and Customer Service

LA Nails salons emphasize on professional service and attaining the highest standards of cleanliness. Additionally, staff members are highly trained. Before joining the team, the experts go through orientation to customer service. It ensures that customers leave with smiles of satisfaction and a promise to always come back in the future.  On top of customer-friendly and experienced stylists, LA nail Salons are centrally located for easy access by all customers. To quickly catch your attention, the salons are beautifully decorated. From afar, you can notice them.

With their doors open to everyone, the LA Nails Salon Prices are very affordable. You can get quick services for less than $10. Additionally, there are services for those high-end customers. In essence, there is everything for everyone regardless of your financial muscle.

LA Nails Operation Hours

LA Nails aim to be convenient for all types of customers. For those who are not busy or those who spend most of the day time at work, you will find a convenient timing to come for services you need. On weekdays and Saturdays, the doors are open at 10 am and go all the way to 8 pm. It is only on Sunday when they open at 11 am and shut doors at 6 pm. As much as the salons are consistent with times of operation, you should confirm the exact times your local salon operates.

LA Nails range of Services

LA Nails salons offer an extensive range of nail services. From simple warm towels to classic manicure and pedicure; you will get all kind of nail services for adults. Besides, there is a collection of nail services for kids. It is a place for every member of the family.   Another of their specialization is massaging. Particularly, stone massage is one of their best you can ever get. Knock onto your local LA Nails salon any time after a tough week of grinding. They know how to give you a message to relax your every muscle. You will not leave with any regret. The prices are great, and you get value for your every dime.

For whatever you need for your nails and body massage, there is everything to suit everyone’s preferences. Pick your date and time and let the dexterous stylists take care of your needs. Once you come to any of LA Nail salons, you will keep coming now and then. You will also bring your family and friends to share in the exceptional services as well.

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