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With its massive presence in the USA, Lovely Nails Salon is the choice of the people. Today, the chain of salons is growing its shops all over North America. To many people, the Lovely Nail Salon is a premier spot offering some of the best services for fashion lovers.

The Lovely Nails Salon Prices

One of the reasons customers choose one salon over the other is because of prices. In that regard, Lovely Nails Salons have done a great job always to be the choice for many people. With applying polish starting as low as $5, you would not say this is an expensive offer. Nevertheless, the salons also offer services on the high end. For instance, eyelashes extensions prices can go as high as $80. In conclusion, the salon caters for both low and high-income customers.

Range of services

First of all, the salons are unisex. They take care of both male and female clienteles. Moreover, there are services targeting kids as well. Nails works are the dominant services you get from their salons. They offer everything and anything for your nails. From the simple gel polishing to nail care, you get it all. There is a package for the ladies, for men, and the kids. You can bring your entire family here for nail works.   On top of that, they also specialize in massages. Using different methods, the experts will give you the relaxing muscle kneading you need. Luckily, their range of services is extensive, and their prices are equally competitive. All the time, there is something comfortable for your pocket.

Operation Hours

On most of the days of the week, the salons open as from 10 am. They go all the way to 7 pm to serve late comers. It is perfect timing for those who might come from work late and would want their nails done. On Sundays, they close early at 5 pm. However, their operation time may vary from one shop to another. Give a call or visit your local salon and confirm their times. It is best to know the correct timing so that you never miss a chance for any service.   For your heads up, Lovely Nails Salon does not attend to walk-in customers. You are supposed to book an appointment. It serves to keep you away from waiting in a long queue. Besides, you also get a chance to work with your favorite technician. Therefore, it is imperative that you make your appointment and get confirmation as early as possible. If you want to beat the queue, make your appointment at the start of the week. As from Thursday through the weekend, the salons tend to be very busy.

Stylists and Customer Service

The Lovely Nails Salons endeavor to give customers the best services. That is why their stylists are the best in the game. Their team knows how to satisfy customers, and that is something keeping their parlors full any day of the week. While you are here, you are treated with courtesy. You will leave with a smile of satisfaction and always find it easy to come back more often.

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