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Star Nails

Star Nails is a company in California, the USA that specializes in nail products and services for all and sundry. It has several nail saloons scattered all over the country. Having been in the nail art industry for more than 25 years and counting, this chain of nail salons has been trusted by beauticians and fans of nail art in the USA and beyond.

Products and services

Star Nails initially started out as a nail salon. After a short while, it began creating professional nail art products. Its products are very popular because of their eco-friendly nature. These products are gentle and safe on your nails. They are also cheap. You can get a complete set of artificial nails at a price that does not break the wallet. Some of its services include manicures, pedicures, kid’s manicures and pedicures as well as foot care services such as star spa pedicure, silky milk pedicure and organic spa Pedicure. Add-ons such as callus eliminator treatment and French lines are also offered. Nothing is fixed here and you can have a customized procedure for your specific needs.

Star Nails Salon Prices

The products and services may be good, but are their prices pocket-friendly? And by the way, who said beauty procedures should be expensive? Generally, Star Nails salon can be put under the average price category of nail salons. It is neither too expensive nor too cheap. Its prices are just reasonable enough to attract any person who wants to make their nails look better and healthier.

The team of professionals

Star Nails Salon has a dedicated team of experts that will help you get the beauty that you are looking for in your nails. These specialists are hired on a competitive basis based on their performance in both oral and practical interviews.

No wonder they are very hospitable and they are always ready to answer any question that you may be having. They treat you like the king that you are in the business. Keeping in mind the many years of experience that these professionals have under their belts, you agree with me that Star Nails salon prices are lower than you would expect them to be.

Operational procedures

If you ask me, Star Nails salon is one of the most convenient nail salons in the USA. You can walk in and get your nails done at any time of the day between 9.30am and 7.00pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the salon is open from 10.00am to 6.00pm. You will always be served as long as the salon is open. You don’t have to make an appointment, though calling in advance may make things easier during peak times. You don’t want to wait in the queue for hours.

Overall verdict

There are several aspects of Star Nail Salon that tells you that this is the salon of choice for those looking for nail services. First, its products are of premium quality. They are eco-friendly and safe. Its members of the staff are very professional in their duties. The salon is also open at the times that you expect it to be open. Additionally, Star Nails salon prices are everything that you would expect from a nail salon that cares- fair and reasonable.

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